Maintenance Survey




        First name:                                  MI:        Last name:






        City:                                              State:                             Zip:


        Phone:                                               Fax:





        Would you like to talk to a contract service representative?

        yes    no


        When is the best time to call?

        6:00 am-9:00am  9:00am-12:00pm  12:00pm-3:00pm


        How do you feel about your current service?

        Excellent  Good  Fair  Poor


        How often do you utilize this type of service?

        Annually  Semi-Annually  Monthly


        What type of window treatments are installed at your facility?

        Levolor  Hunter Douglas  Graber  Other


        How old are they?

        1-5 years  5-10 years  10-15 years  15-20 years


        How often do you replace window treatments?

        1-5 years  5-10 years  10-15 years  as needed


        How important is this type of service to you?

        Very  Somewhat  Not at all